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Bellabeat Leaf Review


Wondering about the Bellabeat Leaf? The info in this post applies to both the urban and nature, they use the same app. I got the Rose Gold Nature for my birthday and thought I would give you my review on what I have experienced with it over the last couple months.
My husband got it for me for my birthday. I like tracking activity, and it seemed really yoga type focused what with the meditation stuff built into it, so he thought it would be perfect for me.

leaf-pic                leaf_rosegold_necklace_grande

The app has several guided meditations, probably like 20 of them, that you can listen to and wear the leaf while you are listening to them. Most of the ones you listen to, you pick between 3 min and 10 min. There are some other meditations that you can manually input that you completed on your own.

Tells you if you were restless during your sleep or not. I found that it didn’t actually tell me when I woke up unless I actually got up and out of the bed, but even then sometimes it wouldn’t say I woke up. When you synced the leaf with the app it asks if the times seem correct or not. You can change the start and end time in 10 min increments.

Pretty much it’s a cute pedometer. It tracks your steps, and that as activity. If you aren’t moving in a way that it likes, it won’t give you credit for your activity for the day. I can do an entire level 2 power vinyasa yoga class and it won’t give me any credit for movement. What the heck right? It likes walking, running, jumping type stuff. You can input the activity on the app afterwards and it gives a calorie burn count. That count is the same thing every time for whatever activity. So 60 min yoga class will always list as 286 calories.
There are a bunch of choices of activities that you may have done and can input into the app. You don’t need to be wearing the leaf for that, because wearing it doesn’t make any difference. In my opinion, kind of silly that you have an activity tracker that doesn’t really track the activity and doesn’t know how much effort you put into anything. I do a lot of different activities, so to have every yoga and every circuit training look like the same thing, it’s not very encouraging. I know a big reason why people have activity/fitness trackers is to give them motivation to keep doing things daily, leaf doesn’t do that for me.

The green is activities I’ve manually input where as the orange is what the leaf has doc tracked.

It stores the info you put in and then tries to predict when your next period will be and for how long. Works nice if you have a regular period. Also is nice if you don’t have another period tracker app where you store that info. I already had one, so this was a repeat and didn’t do anything additional. The monthly cycles effect what it says your stress levels are. Truthfully, it is the main thing that determines what it says your stress sensitivity is. From what I experienced stress sensitivity is based off of how close you are to your menstrual cycle, if you have been working out and sometimes if you have input any meditation lately. Right before your period the stress sensitivity goes way up. Yet on some of my most stressful days where I was breaking down in tears, it said I was still at only 9%, where as when I was near my period it would go up to 35-45%. Dependable for basically nothing.

The lightening bolt ⚡️ is the stress sensitivity section.

Once you tap on the period tracking part this view of your menstrual cycle comes up.

Necklace, Bracelet, Shirt, Pants.
If you are bending over a lot, you don’t want it on the necklace setting. During sleep having it on as the necklace shows you more wrestless but even worse is the bracelet setting. Clip on your pants or shirt is the most reliable for sleep.
I wore it in each setting other than bracelet (because it said don’t wear it there when working out) during yoga and didn’t really make any difference. It really was a matter of preference and what type of clothes you are wearing. Sometimes it slides off and falls on the ground during a workout, but totally depends on the clothing it’s clipped to.

Here is my synopsis:
It’s a pretty pedometer with an app and a reminder to stay active. Not worth your money unless you don’t really want an activity/fitness tracker. I actually wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know. Get a different activity tracker and download a free meditation app and or free period app.



Product Review: Beanitos Puffs


I didn’t get a chance tho try these at the Natural Products Expo last March, but I saw people walking around with Beanitos Puffs reusable bags. I had been keeping my eye out for them to hit the shelves, and finally they have. Feels kind of late, but better late than never!

I posted a picture on our Instagram when I discovered them. I found these in Southern California at Mother’s Market in the section with the other puffs. But I also found them at a couple different Fresh & Easy stores. Hopefully they will be around where you shop too!

beanitos at the store

First off, there are a few different flavors that Beanitos has for their puffs. The only vegan one is the “hot chili lime”, so be aware of that.

Now, on to the good stuff!! If you like spicy, and you used to be a fan of Cheetos (or maybe still are) these babies are for you. I haven’t had Cheetos in a long LONG time, but when I was a kid they were packed into my lunch the majority of the time, along with my peanut butter and jam sandwich, haha. I avoid corn, you know, all that darn GMO stuff, plus… really, what else can you chew and have come back out the other end WHOLE? That tells me our bodies don’t know how to process it really. So, even if Cheetos came out with a puff that didn’t have dairy in it or any of their other crazy additives and preservatives, I still wouldn’t eat it. Beanitos ingredients for these puffs are pretty simple, easy to understand and taste great!

These feel like Cheetos, to the bite. I love it! There isn’t much of a lime taste, it’s real subtle. The chili gets a bit hotter as you eat it. It’s got more than just a little kick, that’s for sure. But I am a fan!! I’ve included the ingredient list and nutirtional facts as well as what the puffs REALLY look like. The only negative I have to say about them is that the bag is quite a bit bigger than the amount of puffs in the bag. The picture below is a full bag.

amber chakras black

beanitos hot chili lime

beanitos ingredient list

beanitos nutritional facts

Cruelty Free Conditioner


Cruelty-free Conditioner


I have been searching for a good vegan conditioner for a few years… I have super curly hair that requires a really good conditioner to truly silken my locks. The search is finally OVER!!! ACURE hair products is my latest obsession.




What we put on our body is just as important as what we put IN it…