This blog is founded by Amber and Mara after a bit Mara fizzled out on it but Amber kept going. Later Amber added in Emisha to the mix. This blog is a culmination of the things that give us life, that we love & are passionate about. Basically: a vegan lifestyle, gluten free soy free vegan food, yoga, traveling & all the stuff to do with it.

People often thing the lifestyle we live is so limiting, we happen to think its limitless!
We love love LOVE being in the kitchen trying new recipes & coming up with out own. Constantly getting random inspiration of things to create ourselves. Almost as much as that, we love to get a good workout in, esp by way of yoga (hot please)!

Amber has been living in SoCal since 2012, after living in Phoenix for several years, where her and Mara met. Amber had gone to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got her Holistic Health Coach Certification in 2010. Six months after Amber moved to California, Mara did as well. Both Amber and Mara are RYT 200 certified yoga teachers (as well as certified ASL interpreters).

Prior to Amber living in Phoenix she lived in Utah which is where her and Emisha met back in 2006. Emisha still lives in SLC area. She went 100% vegan in May 2015 and is an absolute whiz in the kitchen!!

Join us on our journey in the kitchen, on the mat, throughout southern California and around the world as we show you what its like to live limitless life!

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