Restaurant Review: Simply Pure LV

Restaurant Review: Simply Pure LV

Chef Stacey Dougan is the mastermind behind Simply Pure Las Vegas, located on the bottom level in the container park in downtown Las Vegas. Just a short walk from the Fremont Street Experience. There isn’t much space inside the restaurant, it reminded me (and my husband) of something between a food truck and a sit down restaurant. That was the case with the menu as well. They have additional seating outside as well that is shaded.

The wall when you walk in the door


outside of the restaurant, you can see me sitting on a chair in the reflection outside

This was the first time I’ve been to Simply Pure, but full disclosure, we hired Chef Stacey to cater our wedding a year ago, after we met with her and had her cook us up some sample food items that we ended up loving and felt like they were in line for what we wanted for our wedding food. Feel free to check out my post on all the wedding food and how we did the wedding celebration to be remembered: Vegan Vegas Wedding!  Some of the things we had on our wedding menu that were similar to what was on the Simply Pure menu. When we visited, we made sure she was there, then we chatted with her for a little bit.

I believe Simply Pure started mostly as a Raw Restaurant, but has added more cooked things in.  Here are pictures of the menu. I’ve found that the website and the actual menu on site are different.

Someone had ordered a juice ahead of me, immediately after he tasted it was saying how great it was asking if anything else was added because it seemed so good. That’s always a great thing.

I guess when Bill Clinton went there a couple months back, after talking to Stacey I learned that he ordered the enchiladas, but didn’t get to eat them there because of all the people/press there for him, so he ended up getting the Nachos Grande. There was a repeat order later from him/Hilary so, obviously it was enjoyed.

I’m not really a proponent of soy, and the Nachos Grande uses TVP, which is all soy. On the menu it’s listed as “vegan protein *beef*” and the “vegan cheddar cheese” listed is also soy based. Cool thing is, she makes it herself, so it’s not the super processed kind of soy cheese, but just good to be aware. You can always get the cashew nacho cheese in it’s place. That’s what I got on my half order of nachos. I swapped out the TVP (textured vegetable protein… AKA soy) for the vegan chicken used in the chicken salad lettuce wraps. That is made from almonds and cashews, it’s a crumble as well, it doesn’t have any feel like traditional chicken, just FYI. To me, that was not a bad thing at all. So, it had nacho sauce, chicken crumble, pico and avocado.     I would get the nachos again. Getting the chicken crumble added to it would really depend on the day. As a kid I only wanted nacho cheese sauce on my nachos anyway, never any meat. I wish they had the option for beans in place of or with whenever the *beef* is used. I think that would be a nice uncomplicated addition to the menu.

half order of the nachos, subbed *beef* for ‘chicken salad mix”

I got the Thai Basil Springs Rolls. They come with rice vermicelli noodles, shredded cabbage, carrots and fresh herbs wrapped in rice paper. These are the fresh roll style, not the fried kind, if you were wondering. Came with a side of sweet chili sauce. Personally, they had too much noodles and not enough veggies in it to get a “LOVE” by me. The flavor was good though, just was like 75-80% noodles and I love my veggies.

Thai Spring Rolls

didn’t order ‘to go’ this is just how they came

Green Chili Enchiladas were on our wedding menu and my husband got it when we went to Simply Pure as well. All our guests were in love with them, as was he. I don’t care for anything that FEELS like meat in my mouth, so I can only handle like one enchilada eaten with other things as well. It was a discussion before the wedding if she should add more veggies to ours or leave it. He voted LEAVE IT I LOVE THIS! So, that is what happened.  When I say our guests loved them, I really mean it. People were asking us both about them saying how good they were and wondering if they were vegan or not.  Winner!

Green Chili Enchiladas that come with a small side salad

amber chakras black

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