Get rid of fruit flies

Get rid of fruit flies

Before I was vegan, and especially before I lived in California, I didn’t ever have an issue with those little pesky fruit flies. Well, since I have a high amount of produce coming into the house, sometimes I get those little guys flying around the house. 

They love vinegar type smells, but also sweet. That’s why you always find them by (or ON) the ripest fruit. They like fermenting kombucha as well. 

So, easiest way I’ve found to get rid of them (if you don’t have some sort of nest that is) is this…


Perfect combo of sweet and vinegar. 

  • 1 tsp ACV
  • 1 small chunk of banana (1-2TBS) 
  • Glass jar/cup (smaller opening is better than wide)
  • Paper twisted to be a funnel fit to the opening of your jar

For some reason this only is effective for 24 hours at drawing the fruit flies in. You make the funnel hole small, probably the size of 2 maybe 3 of the little flies. They crawl in so quick but can’t ever get out. It’s fantastic!!   

After about a day, I carefully lift the jar, making sure not to tip over the paper funnel. Then I take it outside, take a big breath and lift the paper funnel for all of them to fly out and away. 

Side note: Usually I put a roll of tape or mason jar ring inside the paper funnel to hold it down securely against the lip of the jar so they can’t crawl out the edge. Odd that they can crawl out an opening along the edge, but not the funnel hole, but alas that is the case. 

Freshly made trap

24 hour old trap. One of the worst infestations I’ve had, so the collection was large!!

Quick little video of me putting it together. 

Happy fly trapping!! 


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