HuHot Mongolian Grill


If you haven’t ever been to an Mongolian BBQ, or Mongolian Grill spot, you should! This one is a perfect one to visit as a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free friends like me, paleo eaters, people watching their calories, and the list goes on. There’s a really great variety of veggie choices with things clearly labeled. Seemed to me like there were a good amount of meat choices as well, but I literally just walk right past that station and pay no attention to it, I get grossed out by it. There are a bunch of different sauces and they are all labeled stating if it contains soy, is gluten free or is vegan, as well as the calories. Very helpful for everyone I would say!!!

They have brown rice as an option as well. Yay.

One area of improvement for them would be their sauce location. I feel like they needed to come up with a bit cleaner way for the sauces. I saw some people spill a bit of the sauce in to a neighboring sauce, while scooping and pouring into their bowl.

They don’t use different spatulas for each person’s meal unless you specifically tell them. If you specify that you are vegan when you walk in, the hostess will inform the cooks and when you arrive to that point in the line they know who you are. Then they’ll SERIOUSLY clean that area of the grill as well as use new spatulas just for your meal, when they aren’t actively using them, they lay them down in an X around your food with a bowl. That made me happy.

Both times I’ve gone my meals were fabulous and I loved it!! The to go size is a good amount, and if you stay the unlimited trips is a nice thing. I have pictures of both my to go meal/container as well as my dine in food. When you dine in you get a cute little salad.

Certainly worth going to!


The vegetable section, good size right?


closer shot for some of the veggies

Sauce choices


An example of how the sauces are labeled


my bowl before it went on the grill

I’m up next, they are going to clean off the grill for me

dine in meal, with brown rice and the side salad (no crutons)


my meal when I ordered to go, rice comes in a separate container

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