Vegan in Puerto Vallarta

Vegan in Puerto Vallarta

Wondering how Puerto Vallarta, Mexico would be as a vegan (who is gf and no soy)? It was great and pretty easy actually.
We were staying in the Zona Romantica, toward the south end. So much stuff was in walking distance. It reminded me of Cabo meets NYC. Yeah, weird combo I know. Things in the romantic zone were pretty close together and stacked on top of eachother. We had a major set of stairs to go down to go to the boardwalk, beach and a good amount of shopping and restaurants. But, that doesn’t matter unless you decide to stay where we did.
Let me get that out of the way real quick. We stayed at Signature Pinnacle, we had an awesome full sized regular kitchen on our place that had pots, pans, a good blender, some food storage containers and a regular size fridge/freezer with filtered water and ice. All wins! We also had a beyond amazing view out from our balcony of the ocean and town, a jacuzzi (can be heated or not) on the balcony, a BBQ-grill and a table and chairs to sit out there and eat. Heaven. There was a gym, no one was ever at it except my husband and myself. He told me it had basically all he needed for a good workout since he didn’t have to share. Good amount of hand weights up to high numbers, also weights to add onto a regular 45lbs bar-bell, tredmills, elipticals, workout balls, a machine that had pull downs, squats and a few other things. I would go outside and get my hot yoga on after I got a satisfactory workout inside. It was hot and HUMID! Lets see, what else about the hotel? Oh, everyday happy hour is 2 for 1 from 5:30p-7:30p. The staff was very friendly and helpful and all spoke English. There were no restaurants on site, but at the bottom of the stairs was an organic juice/smoothie/salad/wrap/etc shop and without any stairs one building up and over was a Subway and an OXXO (think 7-11).


Ok now into the eats!
-Salud Super Food. The place wth smoothies and salads I mentioned where most can be made vegan, all is labeled such.

-Barra Light. Brand new place right around the corner from Salud that has a create your own salad bar (you tell them what to put in), sandwiches, smoothies, some paleo desserts (had egg) amung other things.

-Canto Del Mar. Random find and they had veggie tacos! Didn’t expect that one. Had cauliflower, carrot, onion, peppers for the tacos along with rice and refried beans (no lard).

-Pinocchio’s has pizzas and their crust is vegan, it’s just not GF. They have GF, but it has egg. We didn’t actually eat there, only got drinks, but there were a few options that were vegan on there.

NOW, to my favorite find, esp since we had a kitchen…
Basically straight up produce markets, open air, 90% not refrigerated in any way, workers speak only Spanish. They are LOCALS serving LOCALS, but are friendly. They had spices, dry beans, dry rice, dry quinoa, all sorts of fresh produce like going to the grocery store, just not as fancy. But prices were cheap. BRING PESOS!!!

Valle Lazaro Cardenas is the main street near Cale Aguacate

There are several all right in the same area. A guy who works at Sauld told me if you are in the area you can just ask for “Baca, Fruiteria” and they will know what you are talking about. I believe the person who owns the main one, his name is Baca. Across the street is California Fruteria.

Along the walk back to our hotel we found an organic place that had coconut milk/beverage, almond milk, hummus, peanut butter, gluten free mixes, all sorts of other things. The cilantro hummus was amazing! It was on Calle Venustiano.

some of the items at the Organic Shop

some of the items at the Organic Shop

they also had cocont-almond unsweetened

they also had coconut-almond unsweetened

The name of the place and where you check out

The name of the place and where you check out

Pool at our hotel looking out into the ocean

Pool at our hotel looking out into the ocean

looking out watching the sunset

looking out watching the sunset

this is the view to the south on our balcony

this is the view to the south on our balcony

DSCN0721 getting a little pool yoga drink action going on[/caption]

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