Vegan Vegas Wedding!



Getting married in Las Vegas is something that happens all the time probably hundreds of times a day. But it seemed like it was different for us since we didn’t want a quicky wedding and I was adamant that we not have it in some ballroom. My creative then fiancé, said “hey what about if we got married in a penthouse?”

Finding a cool place on the strip, easy. Finding a cool place that would have reasonably priced food and able to make it vegan and gluten free, HA!

There were several hotels we visited and we were interested in. They had good sized penthouses to rent (Cosmo, Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay, Caesars) who said they had awesome caterers and that they could probably make something work. That’s hard to go with just trusting that it will work from looking over their omnivore menu. Or I was asked, “does it ALL have to be vegan? Can’t we just make something special for you and the other vegans and everyone else have something from the menu?”

Ummm, NO!!!!!

Hard Rock Hotel has clubs that you can rent out, we almost went with Body English. There are minimum head counts though and no one under 21 allowed. Neither of those were issues for us, but Body English was a bit too big of a place for our party. Their food situation was one of the better ones, they had done a few vegan weddings before and were good with it. Costs just kept getting up there, it was already $12,000 for it without anything other than food drinks venue for a few hours.

So what to do when you HAVE to use their catering if you use their space?  Well, we discovered that Palms Place is owned by individuals rather than the hotel. That means you can rent a place from someone and use it how you want.

Ding ding ding!!!!

We fount a top floor penthouse that had a jacuzzi out on the balcony. It was available our weekend and the owner confirmed, yes you can bring your own caterer as well as alcohol. From there is when I started getting excited for our wedding.
In the picture below you see on the top floor there is a horizontal line of lights, that is what we strung on the balcony.

We didn’t want a wedding party since our guest count was 60 anyway, and we loooooved the penthouse because it didn’t need decorating, it was awesome by itself.

So what about the food??
Caterer: Chef Stacey Dougan

Cake: Red Velvet Cafe

Cupcakes: Red Velvet Cafe

Donuts: Ronald’s Donuts

We had a serve yourself mimosa bar set up for guests when they entered before the wedding started. The wedding was at 6:13 pm on the dot, and didn’t last much over 15 min including the group picture at the end.
Dinner was serve yourself, because we were going with a party vibe, not a formal wedding vibe. It was also “eat when you want” after our first dance.


We had enchiladas, fajita veggies, organic corn tortillas, chef prepared black beans, a breaded cauliflower appetizer, a salsa bar section that included guacamole, chipotle aioli and cashew nacho cheese and organic corn tortilla chips. People went NUTS for the cauliflower appetizers and the enchiladas. They didn’t stick around, absolutely none left.
We didn’t announce that every or anything was vegan. The guests I knew were vegan and or gluten free, I told that all was safe to eat. Everyone else was left to fend for themselves. We knew they would like it all if they just tasted it. We were SO right! So many people came and told me (and my now husband) how amazing the food was. People were also going to the Chef and asking her what was in it and telling her how great it was. Not believing that it would be vegan. BAM! Just how we wanted it to be!!


I love cake and cupcakes, he is a donut fan. I had seen cupcake towers plenty, and on Pintrest saw a donut tower for a wedding, so we decided to combine it.

The actual tower was disposable, made from cardboard and ordered online. Most of the towers were really expensive and when would we use it again? Basically, never.

Red Velvet Cafe delivered the gluten free vegan cake and cupcakes the afternoon of the wedding. I had the order in a month beforehand, but they make them the night before. There are all sorts of flavors to choose from. We ended up getting: raspberry lemon, strawberry chocolate cream, double chocolate and fresh berry. I was very very pleased with how they turned out. We had gone into the store (on Sahara) a few months prior and tasted several of the flavors. His parents went with us and were pretty shocked that vegan gf cakes would taste so darn good. They definitely aren’t “healthy tasting”.

Ronald’s Donuts we ordered the day before the wedding and picked them up the morning of. Their top two shelves are all vegan and they seem just like regular donut shop donuts. These donut shop pics below are from the day we ordered.

Oh the Candy Bar. He loves candy, I love desserts. He wanted to have a candy bar, so that’s what we did. All vegan candy of course. But doesn’t mean it was healthy! Haha. We had hot tamales, starburst minis, several “go max go” candy bars (the copycat versions of Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfinger and Almond Joy), Chico Sticks, Twizlers, Red Vines, Annie’s fruit snacks and a mixed bag of candy that had a individually wrapped candy. We got Chinese take out boxes from Smart & Final and had those set out for people to put their candy in and take with them.


For part of our party favors, we had custom made glasses made with the Roman numerals of our wedding date on them. They were 25oz glasses. We also did stainless steel shot glasses with the same Roman numeral logo on it. That was what the guests drank out of for the night and then got to take home. We had washi tape and magic marker for guests to write their name on and stick on the glass, it doesn’t come off with condensation.


We rented a photo booth from Glitter Lens and we’re happy with it. They printed doubles of the strips and a few days after the wedding we got a link to all the digital copies of them. It seemed like people had a good time with it, and they were one of the best priced around for what we wanted.


Something unique that we did at our wedding was have a unity drink. We saw unity candles and unity sands, but we thought a cocktail was far more fitting for us. We had our officiant read off something to everyone. I made some cold pressed green juice prior to the wedding (I’m big on juicing) and it was going to be combined with vodka. We had a 4oz amount of the drink passed out to each of our guests as the officiant was reading his thing. We had a giant glass and I poured in the green juice as he poured in vodka.


Here are some pictures of the penthouse and the view at night from the balcony, but before the actual wedding, and of course a random yoga pose in the hot tub! haha.


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