Restaurant Review: The Pie Pizzeria


Exciting news, especially for me! The Pie has a gluten free menu in addition to their vegan menu! The pie was for a long time my FAVORITE place to eat, it was an addiction, I was there all the time when I lived in Utah (pre-vegan days). When I was in SLC recently I thought to myself “I wonder if they have got with the times and have GF pizza now?” So I looked it up online. Happy day, happy day! They are with the times and have GF. But is it GF and vegan? YEP!! No egg or dairy in that gluten free dough!!

the pie website

So, lots and lots of choices!!

vegan gf menu
gf menu

I ordered the GF Xtreme Veggie pizza. On the menu it has feta and mozzarella, but they ditch the feta and just use Daiya cheeze shreds. I asked them to add roasted garlic, but they wouldn’t. They said they take their gluten free items very serious, and the roasted garlic itself is GF but can easily be cross contaminated, so they won’t even allow you to put it on a GF pizza. INTERESTING!! They said it’s a slippery slope if they allow it on a GF pizza sometimes even though it might be contaminated, more confusing for the kitchen staff as well, and they don’t want anyone getting sick. Gotta respect that one!

gf xtreme veggie pizza

They really do take gluten free very serious! I was with my fiance and parents, they ordered traditional style pizzas, and we ordered our food for dine in. When their orders came up, they were just in a pan. When my orders came up, they were in a box, with a GF sticker sealed on it. WOW! That is a first time for me!

sealed box gf pizza

I also ordered a GF Cheeze Pull-A-Part. It comes with marinara dipping sauce, and normally ranch, but their ranch is not vegan, so they give you 2 marinara dips. The non-vegan cheese pull-a-part has romano cheese on it as well, they exclude that on the vegan version.

gf vegan cheeze pull-a-part

I wish they would have only used the Daiya mozzarella style shreds instead of the mozzarella and cheddar. They mixed them on both the pull-a-part and the pizza.
The crust was good, I was happy with it. It didn’t turn into a hard cracker burnt on the edges like many gluten free pizza crusts are. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but I didn’t have any complaints. If you are up in the Salt Lake City area, you won’t be sorry for stopping by The Pie.

On their menu online and in the restaurant they have symbols showing vegan as well as gluten free. They also have a specific menu that shows the gluten free items as well as the vegan items. Talk about helpful! I was very pleased!! I think you will be too.

Their menu information is below.

Happy Eating!!

amber chakras black







build your own

vegan gf menu

pie options

The Pie Pizzeria info and locations

The Pie Underground / Salt Lake
1320 E. 200 S., Salt Lake City, Utah (dine-in only)
Phone: (801) 582-5700

The Pie Delivery / Salt Lake
275 S. 1300 E., Salt Lake City, Utah (take-out and delivery only)
Phone: (801) 582-5700

The Pie Midvale
7186 S. Union Park Ave, Midvale, Utah (dine-in, take-out, delivery)
Phone: (801) 233-1999

The Pie South Jordan
10627 S. Redwood Road, South Jordan, Utah (dine-in, take-out, delivery)
Phone: (801) 495-4095

The Pie Ogden
4300 Harrison Blvd., Ogden  Utah (dine-in, take-out, delivery)
Phone: (801) 627-1920

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  1. Wow! No garlic!?! You’re right…gotta respect that they are making sure no one is getting sick. They sure know their stuff! I’m gonna have to check this place out next time I head out to Utah. Also, love that they use a π symbol for a pizza pie. Very clever!

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