Restaurant Review: Seabirds Kitchen

Restaurant Review: Seabirds Kitchen

I’ve been to Seabirds several different times, figured after my most recent time there, it’s time to write a review.

The menu isn’t extensive, but the choices are really good, so there doesn’t need to be multiple pages on the menu. For you gluten-free friends, they have items marked that are made WITH gluten. The kitchen isn’t dedicated gluten-free, so they don’t guarantee no cross contamination.

There are a few items that generally stay on the menu, but often they change seasonally. I personally love that. Eat what’s in season, it is bound to taste better.

One thing that seems to be an item that stays on the menu is the jackfruit tacos. They had them on their ever popular food truck and thus it is staying on the menu. If you haven’t had jackfruit, you should give these a try. Jackfruit is actually a fruit, so therefore it’s allergen friendly. When it’s pulled it mimics pulled pork. I’m not a fan of faux meats, especially since most of them are made out of soy and gluten (2 things I don’t consume). I am however a fan of jackfruit (and coconut bacon). Beer battered avo tacos are a great yummy choice too that are sure to please!

If you are a fan of brussel sprouts, the burnt brussels are some of the best I’ve tasted.

During the weekend they have brunch from open until 2p. They have mimosas and their version of a bloody mary. So good, so so good!

Plenty of fabulous vegan items to choose from at Seabirds Kitchen. Most definitely worth your time to go check it out!!

Here’s some info and pictures of their fabulous food:
ARANCINI (fried cheesy rice balls) Quite good, reminded me of mozzarella balls mixed with rice plated next to marinara sauce. Thumbs up in my book!

OH MY GOURD SALAD (roasted butternut squash, cranberries, local harvest apples, smoked almonds, baby heirloom kale, romaine hearts, cinnamon vinaigrette) I felt like the dressing was too oily for the salad.

my ever favorite THE HOLY SMOKES BOWL (brown rice, grilled bbq jackfruit, sautéed greens, zucchini, pickled red onion, coconut bacon, seabirds sauce and kentucky bbq sauce) They switch out the vegetables in this depending on what’s in season. I’ve had it with zucchini, cauliflower and broccolini. All good with it!

CAULIFLOWER STEAK ( w/pesto and brown rice risotto, garlic sauteed spinach and marinara sauce.) Loved it. Very unique. Hadn’t ever had a cauliflower steak before, certainly want to have one again.

seabirds food
holy smokes bowl
cauliflower steak

In this picture (from my friend Angie) we have:
Purple Taquitos (made with blue/purple corn tortillas and purple potatoes) crispy and yummy, not dry like many potato taquitos.
Porque Maria (like a Monte Cristo)
Grilled Cheese Crisps (crusted in potato chips, AMAZING!)
Morning Enchiladas
Biscuit Sandwich
infamous CHAFFLE (churro-waffle) I haven’t had that, being that it isn’t gluten free but all I hear is amazing things about it.
seabirds items

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