Restaurant Review: City Cakes & Cafe (Salt Lake City, UT)


UPDATE: 2/1/2015

I visited City Cakes again on a recent trip to SLC, so I have an update. All of City Cakes is now vegan (I guess they weren’t for a while) and it looked like they had more gluten free items than ever! Exciting! I tried the GF cinnamon roll. I was so excited for it, but it was pretty dry and wasn’t too flavorful. Darn! I won’t be getting that one again. But I got another lemon coconut donut, those things are so good!! Tried another sugar cookie too and was pleased with it.

  • Cinnamon Roll (GF)
  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (GF) quite liked
  • Frosted Sugar Cookie (GF) liked


donuts and sugar cookiesGF cookies


cookie section


cupcakes and bars

cake section



A big part of this girl’s limitless life is traveling! My family is basically all in Salt Lake City, so I visit there a few times a year. On my latest trip I discovered a new spot that seems to be taking the city by storm. It was mostly a bakery, but they also have a lunch type menu that is why it’s …”cakes & cafe”. It’s an all vegan joint and great thing is, they have a large selection of gluten free items.

Their muffins and donuts are being sold at local coffee shops around SLC as well as in Whole Foods Markets. Whole Foods is actually how I found out about City Cakes in the first place, I was wandering around & spotted a donut labeled: local, vegan, gluten free (and soy free!). SCORE!!! That was the first I’d seen one of those. Of course I (posted it on instagram) bought it and was so glad I did. That was a couple months before I wound up inside the store front for City Cakes.

The cashier, Sharon, was a doll and very friendly and helpful. I ended up getting some items that I loved and wouldn’t have ordered on my own (specifically the GF Apple Muffin, soooooo good). Each day they have slightly different items available, so the things pictured aren’t even the things that were there two days later when I went back in. I got some cupcakes for my mom’s birthday, she said they were amazing and she isn’t vegan (so she’s used to having nonvegan desserts).

Last thing I have to say is, I didn’t try anything from here that I didn’t like, or that I felt wasn’t up to par. Below I have listed all of the different things I’ve tasted of theirs and specified which ones I loved & quite liked. ENJOY!!

Here is what I tasted:

  • lemon coconut donut (GF)  LOVED
  • cinnamon sugar donut (GF)
  • chocolate creme filling donut (GF)  quite liked
  • chocolate creme filling donut (GF)  LOVED
  • orange glaze raspberry filling donut (GF)
  • spice cake cupcake (GF) quite liked
  • sugar cookie (GF)  quite liked
  • snickerdoodle (GF)
  • apple cinnamon muffin (GF)  LOVED
  • blueberry muffin (GF)  quite liked
  • pumpkin muffin (GF)

Family had:

  • chocolate cupcake w/marble swirl frosting  LOVED
  • spinach cheeze scone

Here is the info for City Cakes & Cafe
1000 South Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Primary: 801-359-2239


amber chakras black





Restaurant Review - City Cakes & Cafe, donuts

my first exposure to City Cakes at whole foods

donut choices from City Cakes at Whole Foods Market

again at Whole Foods Market

Restaurant Review - City Cakes & Cafe

lemon coconut, chocolate with creme, cinnamon sugar


Restaurant Review - City Cakes & Cafe

the outside of City Cakes & Cafe

Restaurant Review - City Cakes & Cafe: cupcakes and bars section

the cupcakes and bars section

gluten free section

section on the right is all vegan and gluten free.

different day, cupcakes section

different day, cupcakes section

all of the donuts at city cakes are vegan and gluten free

all their donuts are gluten free

vegan gluten free cookies

vegan gluten free cookies

vegan gluten free chocolate covered donut with chocolate filling.

vegan gluten free chocolate covered donut with chocolate filling.

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